Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hey World,

    I am sorry to bring this to you on this special day! We should be proud of our Black President B-day! I am Happy cause it moves mountains over here, but it's alot of hating going on! 1st, HAPPY B-DAY OBAMA, much respect on my end!!! I even got a chance to meet you at RAY'S HELL BURGER up close an personal! I have a problem with a nobody who calls my president a Tar Baby, now you coming for him and the whole wold is black! Too fucking funny cause we already knew everybody still feel like they are better than the Black Race! I feel the pain for the Spanish and the Jews too cause they suffered just like my race! I always figured that things have't changed that much cause I see people turn their nose up on a daily basis in my profession! I am Sorry if this makes you feel a certain way, but it is only meant for the people who think they are better than us! All I ask for the people who biting thier tounge on a daily basis, just speak their minds! Then you will be more respected, plus get fucked up in the process! I wish one of you behind the door bitches would come face to face with me! I would put a Ass Kicking on your ass that your momma and daddy would wish they never taught you to hate on us! You all tried to keep us down, but we are Stronger and Smarter than you all, so stop playing this game! Listen, why you all tan, because ya'll want our skin tone! Stop burning yourselves up cause you need pigment in your skin, an you are not born with that!!! I treat everybody with Respect, because I want the same in return!Yeah, I am heated, but I need to let it out my system so I can move forward in Life! I am going to speak upon this bill just passed too, another day though! Obama, make a third appearance at the Hell Burger, because you is respected there! No fame needed cause we have what the WORLD want, an that is a GREAT ASS BURGER!!! If this message don't relate to you, keep paying it forward! God is in control of everything thing, but I had to speak my mind!!! Real talk is all you going to get over here! HAPPY B-DAY OBAMA, coming from REAL-TALK!!!! Hope you get the next term cause you cleaning up the mess the greedy oil dealer cause! Opps, sike, Republicans already know!!!!! Good morning and Night to you all! Keep following me cause more to come!!! One Love!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hey World,

       I just wanted to tell you about my Fathers Day gift! This Sunday was very special to me cause my wife and son was with me! Well I was suppose to take a Ultimate Ride in a NASCAR Race Car with a Professional Race Track driver at the Speedway, but things changed once I got to the track! They bumped my to the Ultimate Drive Package for an additional fee and to let me drive the car, now you know I am ready to blow the engine up! Well, my wife started to get scared cause my crazy ass told her I was going put it in the wall!!! It was so Funny! I wish I could show you the pictures, but you all don't need to see me! They asked me to get everybody in order, so I got everybody lined up! I was Happy cause that is my strong suit! My wifey calls me " The Takeover", because I try to take  over every situation! Once they saw me getting everybody in order! They gave me more laps to drive! This is my 1st time on the track, so understand that! I love to drive fast, been in plenty of high speed chases! Now it is time for me to hit the track! The first couple of laps I took it easy, just feeling the car out!!! Next thing I know I was trying to take the lead from the pace car who I was following! He must got scared cause he start telling me to slow down! I was in the zone, plus I paid my money, so I expected to push it to the limit! Man, what a adrenaline rush I had! My wife took the keys and drove home cause she knew I was going to push it to the limit, especially coming off the track! Too fucking funny, but it was worth every penny of it!!! I am going back an do it again, but I am going to make him race me! I am a leader, not a follower like they want you to be! I am going to take my ride along so I can figure out the right lines, so I can be the best! Once I came into the Pit my wife and son came to the car and my continued to video and my wife handed me a bottle of cold water, that was heaven!I must did wonderful cause everybody came up to me once I got out the car like I was a hometrack favorite.  It felt like I was being interviewed by the media, but it was just people waiting to drive like me.  My driving experience brought excitment to the crowd because I kept the engine cracking at high rates of speed and having to slow down in turn 1, 2, 3, and 4.  What a adrenaline rush it was!!! My wife always come up with the perfect gift for me, and that moves mountains over here! My life is wonderful, when you have that special one in your corner you can not lose! Married Life is the Best, Adrenaline Rush! I showed my ass when I was presented with the gift, now I have more understanding about LIFE!!! I thank GOD for giving me a chance at LIFE, because everybody is caught up on self!!! Another day, another story, good day and night to you all!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey World,

     I just wanted to tell you this story!!! Well, it started off by my wife buying me the game "Rapala Bass Fishing", it even came with the fishing rod! I fell in love with the game off the top cause it is like the real thing! Now here is Rapala in real life! I went and got fishing rods for the whole family, bait and everything! Our 1st fishing trip started off on the docks until I decided to rent a boat! They gave us life vests, engine, boat plug and battery! Never gave me any instructions at all either! Me, my step son and his friend  got on the boat! My wife and the little kids stayed behind, good thing they did! Me and the kids had our happy faces on while driving out on the lake waving our goodbye's! We even got a bass from another fisherman while leaving the dock! I think that is when Rapala kicked in! I couldn't fish cause I had to steer the boat, but it was fun! I hit every spot like I fish on the game!!! We caught a baby bass, but we threw it back! After I hit the last spot! I decided to go back in! When I hit the throttle, it did not respond at all!!! Luckly we had some oars on the boat, so I started to row back in! You just don't know how far I took the boat out! They should have told me that the battery was going to die in 2 hrs! To late now cause nothing but water lies in front of me! Once we got to the shore, I was too tired to do anything! All I wanted to do was go to the truck and get home! Once I got home I went straight to sleep! When I woke up my wifey was laughing her ass off!!! I had to laugh too cause Rapala Bass Fishing almost had me stuck out on the lake! I have not been out on the water since or played the game! I still love my fishing though! Now you have a little more of my crazy lifestyle! I love every minute of it! I want to give Thanks to the people who are reading my stuff all around the world! I will keep something coming you all way, so stay tuned to REAL TALK!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey World,

     I had to come back at you with some wonderful and positive news cause my last post was crazy!!! This weekend was very special to me!!! Me and my family had a lovely time together, just being amongst one another! Me and my wife took the kids to the race track in Manassas, VA!  Joe Gibbs was sponsoring it for the trouble youth's! We all enjoyed ourselves watching all the different kinds of race cars going around the small track! The last race had some professional truck drivers in it, about five or six! Man they were pushing it to the limit too! I love this life I was blessed with cause everybody will not find unconditional love like I have! I wish everybody could so they can reach to a higher level in life! When you you have that one on your side like I do, nothing stands in your way! Now that I am back in my happy place! I am ready to take our life to a whole new level! I am always trying to reach higher, never satisfied with what I have! I don't never want to get stuck in quicksand, so I keep moving! I played Little Big Planet and watched movies with the kids and the family too, even cooked out on the grill!! I had to set up our backyard oasis, so my wife could cook Somores over the fire for the children! Just know there is a Higher Power like I do, but mines name is Jesus Christ!!! Long as your GOD is taking you to levels you never seen before, then I have no problem with you!!! Have a wonderful day and night!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hey World,

     Sorry, that I haven't had the time to write in awhile! I have been busy taking care of my family & trying to walk on GODS path!!! The other day I made a big mistake thinking I can play basketball with some friends I grew up with! I had my blinders on, but my wife & mother knew I was making a big mistake! I grew up playing basketball, and I love the game with a passion!!! I was hyped about being on a team doing what I love to do! I never thought about the big picture like them!!! The gym where the games be played at is around my old neighborhood, so it is alot of hating going on when it comes to me!!! As I read some of my old blogs before starting this one! I am a dumb wise man! Sometimes God sends you back to show you how far you done came! I thought I haven't came so far until I took a look in my rear view mirror! OK, my day went like this! I woke up in the morning around 6:30a.m, brushed my teeth & washed my face, then went to feed my African Cichlids + my Blue Nose Pit bull & let him outside to use the bathroom!!! This is my daily routine, and the life I LOVE the most!!! Taking care of home is something I had to learn cause I was a street person!!! I use to put the streets before my family!!! I was caught up by the devil ways, because the streets don't love nobody! 7:20a.m, I am out the front door getting in my CLS500 going to work!!! know I have to work in a hot restaurant, where the temperature been getting to 135 degrees!!! That is hot as hell, so you don't need to tell me! I got to make that money & keep my job cause I am still on parole! After working my 8-4 shift! I went home and took a shower, then got dressed for my game! Game time is finally here! As soon as I pulled up at the rec center I see zombies! I walk inside the rec, I see more zombies! I don't know who on my team or who we playing against! You can kind of figure it out now though! Soon as my team walked in, more zombies I saw! I look like a KING amongst them, plus that is how I feel anyway! Before the game could even start, a fight broke out in the hallway with a bunch of zombies! The only zombies I didn't see, was the other team & me! The crowd was made of zombies too! I still played the game and we won by 6 points! The people I grew up with started calling my name, asking me where I been at, but they was zombies themselves! I knew I had to get up out of there cause I didn't look like one of them no more! My mom & wife was right I shouldn't have went, but I had to go to see how far I done came! I went home and had nightmares all night long!!! One thing for sure, I will not be going back to play another game! When a person makes it out of the game, not doing the same thing they are doing! They turn into a bunch of haters! Zombies are people who is stuck on a life of drugs, selling them, using them & abusing them, just to clear that up for you!!!! I was a zombie, but now a KING in my own right!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey World,

       I wanted to stop in an tell you about the WONDERFUL day I had with my LOVING  family. We is on the simple things in life. I wasn' t like this at first, but I am getting used to it. I never knew that you can have so much fun by just going to parks an enjoying nature! All the parks we went to were FREE, so that was a benefit to our wallets. We only had to provide the gas for our car, but we didn't have to go far at all. Each and every park had it's own attraction, so that distinguished them from each other. I look forward to going back and visit them soon, plus I want my FAMILY to live in that area!!! It isn't to far from where I live now, but I know it will be a better living for my family! Please don't get me wrong, because our LIFE is PERFECT here, but I want to bring my WHOLE family under one roof! It is only something I have dreamed of for a long time, now I want to see can I put it in action. Let me turn you over to my WIFEY, so she can give you her opion on this! This is the first time we is gonna write a BLOG together!!! We are one, an ya'll should fell the POWER of GODS blessing!!!

     My Husband and I are Soulmates that share Visions and Dreams beyond most peoples imaginations.  Our Family's Joy and Happiness means a great deal to us.  My Husband and I are the Nucleaus (Center) of all that transpires with our children, parents, grandbaby and our dog  We always look for a way to build our Assets and Enjoy Life.  Traveling and Finding New Adventures is our Forte'.  I look forward to moving to our Family Estate soon an renting our other properties.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hey World,

Sorry that I haven't wrote to ya'll in awhile!!! I have been going through a whole lot lately!!! I wouldn't put noboby in my shoes at first, but now I have been blessed with another door opening for me and I can share my story. If you have been following me, you already know what I have been going through. I almost gave up on everything I have worked hard for. I had to take some time to myself and look over my positives & negatives, my positives outweighed the negatives, so I decided to stay True to MY GOALS I set out to reach. Life has been good to me & my Family, with all the drama we have been through!!! My past is hunting me down with all the day to day situations! I can't do nothing besides put my Faith into GOD, and hope & pray that he pulls me through this mess! When I am ready to give up an go back to my old self, GOD opens up a new chapter to my book of Life. I have been blessed with two jobs when people are trying to find one, even making the front page of the City Paper! I work for a successful business man who gave me a chance with my record at hand!!! Never know where your first start may be, but I am loyal to him for believing in me! I knew what I was apart of when I shook OBAMA'S hand while at work! Who gets that opportunity in this world besides the powerful people in this World. He is a down to earth guy just like me & you, but he is just the President. I have a good thing going, but it isn't mines! I work for a millionaire, but I want to be a millionaire! I decided to drop my part time to focus on me & my wife own goals, plus spend time with my Family! It was the best thing I could have done cause me & my wife done started our own business (, and it done took straight off. We formulate Natural Hair Products, an have more to come... I never thought in a million years that I would be in the position that I am in now! We have a BENZ sitting outside (CLS 500), nothing but the truth! Everbody who laughed at me when I first came home is looking stupid right now, wondering how I achIeved in this short period of time! I didn't come out here to settle an be comfortable, I came out here to make a Legacy so everyboby can reach for the sky! Long as you got GOD on your side, you can move mountains!!! I love it, I love it!!! What do you all want out of Life??? If you want to be the carpet under other people feet, then be the carpet, but I want to be the one walking on the carpet!!! LOL, cause you control your own destiny! I am sure going to control mines! We have this saying amongst our Family (NO DAYS OFF), try to use that to be successful in this world, because we live in a world of opportunity!!! Follow your Heart, an it will show you the way cause GOD Lives Within Us!!!!
REAL TALKbyCornelius is back again!!!